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From Italy to Australia…

Matteo & Matteo, Macelleria’s opening

Matteo & Matteo, Macelleria’s opening in Bologna

The concept of “La Macelleria” was born in Bologna, the Italian capital of Gelato.
In 2012 Matteo & Matteo, both with a background in Economics, decided to follow their own dream and export the real Italian Gelato to Australia. They wanted to bring the heart of their city, Bologna, with its inimitable culinary tradition to Australia through their Gelato.

Bologna’s reputation as the “capital of Gelato” was furthered through the contribution of Giacomo and Marina from La Sorbetteria Castiglione (www.lasorbetteria.it). They changed the way people thought about “the sweet and fresh delight” when they opened their Gelato shop in 1994, and now they are one of the most appreciated and recognised Gelateria in Italy, and all over the world. To Sorbetteria Castiglione, Matteo C. owes his best experience in the Gelato world, working side by side with Giacomo, one of the top Mastro Gelatiere. Matteo & Matteo also studied at Gelateneo, the training facility inspired in the CATTABRIGA traditional values of excellence, also with Giacomo as Master.

Matteo Z. gained his own experience by opening La Macelleria with the help of his friend Matteo C., while Matteo C. continued to work at Sorbetteria Castiglione. The name’s meaning, if you translate it from Italian, is “The butchery”. Now, don’t be fooled… the reason it is called La Macelleria is because the site of their original Gelateria in Italy was an old and historical butchery in Bologna. They decided to mantain the name and key characteristics of the butcher shop, but selling Gelato!

Why Australia?

Matteo & Matteo at Macelleria's closing party

Matteo & Matteo at Macelleria’s closing party

After an exploratory journey in 2009, they fell in love with this amazing country and decided that Australia was the place they wanted to live.

They also noticed that there wasn’t a real and traditional Gelateria like the ones they were used to in Bologna, so that became their new goal: to bring the pleasure of a typical Gelato to Aussie people in a way they’d never experienced before.

Now here they are to respect that promise.
Let’s start Your Gelato Experience!