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Our LAB is fitted with the best technologies and Italian brands synonymous with excellence and the art of making Gelato.


In 1927 a talented Italian engineer, Otello Cattabriga, patented a mechanical system to make Italian Gelato. The system actually imitated the “Stir & Stick” movement of Italian Gelato artisans of his time. Since then, Cattabriga has been synonymous with top quality Gelato, and a source of major technological advancement in the industry.


EFFE, our vertical machine, is the diamond point of our technical roster. It gives us a stronger and firmer identity as true, traditional, Italian-style Gelato makers.


The main point is that we love what we do. A real “Gelatiere” should then give their own touch by hand-moving the product with the stick, as needed, before extraction.

Laboratorio del Gelato - LABHere you have a “dry” and consistent Gelato with a finely woven texture. Only EFFE can handle special recipes and produce incomparable flavors. The ability to handle old and modern flavours, the experience of several generations, plus an inimitable technology: EFFE has no match in the industry, nor in Gelato history.
We are also proud to roast and produce, on site, our very own nut pastes for our very own Gelato:

Pistachio – Hazelnut – Almond