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“Nowadays people know the price of everything
and the value of nothing.”

Research of Raw Materials

About1Australia has got the best ingredients for the best Gelato, and we believe in working with local growers where possible. We want to know our farmers because we believe in using the best and the freshest ingredients. We do not use artificial flavouring, preservatives or powders. We always keep researching and improving our quality.

The Italian Way

About2The techniques used to make our Gelato are those learned from the best Gelato Masters in Italy, who utilise the most advanced equipment. Our artisanal skills are the signature of the way we produce our Gelato. We put passion into the way we make Gelato, and you are invited to watch the whole process in our Laboratorio Del Gelato.

We Make It Fresh Every Day

About3Freshly churned every day.
We take the time to listen to our customers in order to improve more every day, and so that we are able to produce the most delicious Gelato for you.

Pozzetti: It’s All About Quality

About4Your taste buds recognise the quality of our Gelato. The Pozzetti preserve the smoothness, the creaminess and the fresh taste. You won’t see our Gelato on display, because the Pozzetti cabinets allow its maintenance at the right consistency and temperature. The Pozzetti also minimise the amount of air and light affecting the quality of Gelato. You deserve a perfect Gelato.

Gelato Experience: Live The Dream

About5Gelato should not be considered a product that satisfies a functional need, but a real moment of hedonistic pleasure. It’s all about quality. It starts from the ingredients, it continues through the process, and it ends in your mouth. Enjoy your Gelato Experience.

What do you think about our Gelato?